Automatic application time-tracking that doesn't suck!

TimeSucker lets you focus on your work while it transparently tracks the time you spend using your Mac applications.

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Track your Projects like a Superhero!

Achieve maximum productivity. Meet your deadlines without the hassle of keeping track of your time!

Project Activate!

Select the project you are working on from the menu bar, and every time you switch to a different app it gets tracked automatically.

Project Progress

Stay on task by setting a deadline, or view your estimated hours compared to the actual time you’ve spent.

Organize your apps into Groups.

Not only does TimeSucker track your app usage, it allows you to organize your apps into groups! A group is a collection of similar applications. For example, you might put all of your communication applications into a group called “Communication”, and whenever you use any of those apps, not only will they be tracked individually, the group will track as well.

Date Picker

Go on a Date.

View the data you need without any hassles.
TimeSucker makes it easy to select a single day, an entire month, a custom range, or a predefined selection.

Time Reports.
No Problem.

Generate fully customizable time reports. Export as PDF or HTML documents. Or just hit print!


Say goodbye to manual timers.

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