How Projects Work

A project is a collection of apps, but with the ability to set a deadline, estimated hours, or a completion date. However, unlike groups, only one project can be active at one time. You also can’t manually add apps to a project, they are added automatically anytime you use an app while a project is active. If you don’t want to track a specific app, you can add it to the “Do Not Track List”.

Making a Project Active

A project can only track when it is active. To make project active, go to the TimeSucker menu item, and select the project you want to make active.

Removing apps from a Project

To delete an app from a project,

Select one or more apps you want to delete, then press delete. Once an app has been deleted, all its time will be permanently deleted and the app will be added to the “do not track list”.

To add apps back to a project:

Click the “Do Not Track List” button to show the apps that are not being tracked, select the desired app, and click the “make active” button.

Completed Projects

Once a project has been completed, you can no longer make it active, nor will it continue to track. However, you can continue to view or print the data associated with the project.

You can mark a project as complete by checking the “completed” checkbox in the project’s settings, or by dragging the project into the completed projects folder.